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Tygar's practice is a manifestation of his own childhood along with the re-contextualisation of his siblings’. Beginning with the content of books that taught him how to read as a child he proceeds to turn any prepossessed Ladybird book into visual conundrums through the ambition of creating a life long work by following the rule: ‘ a page a day’. Once one book is reconstructed he’ll move onto the next: drawing, redacting, cutting, painting, gluing, collaging, adding, subtracting and manipulating text and image that turns not only the whole book itself but each individual page into an art work of their own existence. Stemming from these comes the concept and theme ‘redaction’ which alludes him greatly, there is something about ‘the magic of the grid’ linear lines, perpendicular shapes that when cover text becomes something phenomenological. He then transforms this phenomenon into an abstract ideology through gestural yet meticulous acrylic ‘painted drawings’ on raw canvas that depict re-contextualised scribbles from his and his siblings’ past overlayed with bars that are situated within a quadrilateral. These two opposing components together create paintings that are a collaboration of ‘past and present’, a battle of ‘order versus chaos’ and bring forth contradiction of ‘spontaneous scribbles’ painstakingly transcribed into ‘patient dexterity’. In other words the work he creates are operative paintings as opposed to action paintings - after all ‘its hard to make something look easy and easy to make something look hard’.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art, born and raised in south east London; permanent Peckham boy.

Group Shows


30th April - 1st May 2021


22nd - 24th July 2021

Slacker + Friends

22nd October 2021


3rd June 2022

Permanent Temporary

24 - 25th September 2022

Screen As

13 - 18th June 2023

Heart Tour

2nd September 2023

Nice Trash

7 - 10th September 2023

Momentary Bond

12 - 14th October 2023

Solo Shows


25th - 27th March 2022

Thank You Very Much Ladybird

18th May - 10th July 2023

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