Press Release

What makes the perfect scribble? Is there such thing as the perfect scribble? Can a scribble be perfect? Is a scribble solely associated with children and childhood? Can one go back into the mind of a child and remove all notions of shapes, symbols, meaning, narrative and let there just be line on paper?

A lot and a little can be said about these works. These works are about a lot and a little. Stemming from the theme of childhood, Tygar finds ways to make old work anew, the sketchbooks of his and his siblings’ past are all trapped behind these bars of redaction. The sense of collaboration and history is strong in these works with more than a decade apart these works explore ones current self working with a past self or sibling.

It is a renewal of context; bringing something casted away and buried into a new light through a process of removal - redacting - by drawing over these forgotten drawings, but leaving just enough gaps to let the past to seep through.

These are physically challenging paintings to create due to a choice of process. Tygar refers to these paintings as ‘painted drawings’ and so the canvas is left unprimed - raw - like the surface for a drawing - you don’t prime a piece of paper. It is through this choice that the fine lines he applies are then harder to paint making what would be ‘simple scribbling’ instead ‘patience dexterity’.

Redaction is present throughout Tygar’s work, it all starts however through his books - not paintings. His Ladybird Reconstructions are a life long work that began in 2019, since then Tygar has kept to the rule of ‘a page a day’ - well, just about. Inspired by Tom Phillips, artist of The Humument, and along with the sentimental value these books hold to Tygar’s childhood each book since 2019 has been turned into a visual conundrum that explores text, language, authorship, ownership, redaction, identity, humour and so much more.

Redacted is Tygar’s debut solo show. He is an artist born and bred in south east London, currently studying BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. 


Price List

From right to left

 Redaction Scribble (Two Blues) 

acrylic, graphite and ink on unprimed canvas

101cm x 135cm



Redaction Square (Black and Green)

acrylic on unprimed canvas

131cm x 188cm



Redaction Scribble (Green)

acrylic and graphite on unprimed canvas

128cm x 189cm



Ladybird Reconstructions

Mixed Media

11.8cm x 17.7cm (Dimensions of one book)

2019 - present


Redaction Scribble

acrylic and ink on unprimed canvas

150cm x 185cm